Walden Farms Mayo 340g

Walden Farms


Walden Farms Calorie Free new flavoured mayo’s, made “The Walden Way” with no calories, fat, carbs, gluten or sugars of any kind are a delicious alternative to high calorie, high fat mayo’s. Walden Farms new Flavoured Mayo’s are made with fresh natural flavours including buttermilk and sour cream, mild Chipotle, Dijon Mustard, real honey, Pomegranate, Cranberry, lemon juice, and so much more. Switch & Save up to 600 calories preparing tuna, egg, chicken, potato or macaroni salad! Delicious on sandwiches, wraps or as a dip. Switch and save hundreds of calories every time, ”The Walden Way.” AMAZIN MAYO Walden Farms Amazin Mayo is made with lemon juice, cider vinegar and natural fresh flavors. It is the perfect addition to tuna, egg, on sandwiches or use to create your favorite dip. CHIPOTLE MAYO Walden Farms Chipotle Mayo is prepared with cumin, dijon mustard, chipotle and cayenne pepper. Add a little kick to seafood, sandwiches or wraps. HONEY MUSTARD MAYO Walden Farms Honey Mustard Mayo has the perfect balance of dijon mustard, honey and natural flavors. Fantastic on turkey sandwiches or wraps and in potato or cold pasta salad. POMEGRANATE MAYO Walden Farms Pomegranate Mayo is infused with pomegranate, cranberry, lemon and other natural flavors. Delicious on sandwiches, wraps or wherever your imagination takes you. RANCH MAYO Walden Farms Ranch Mayo combines the great taste of mayo with parsley, cayenne pepper, paprika. Tastes great on sandwiches, wraps or as a dip.