Weider Nutrition Fruit Isolate 908g Powder

Weider Nutrition

Vegan Protein

Fruit Overload has been developed to be mixed with water. As milk can bloat the skin up in the definition phase, many bodybuilders mix their shakes with water. It's possible to mix vanilla or chocolate-flavour protein with water but the taste isn't the best. The fruity taste of Fruit Overload leads the muscles to become overloaded with protein. When dieting, it's important to flood the muscles with amino acids, otherwise you could lose muscle mass. The whey protein isolate is split into amino acids quickly and can therefore flood into the muscles almost immediately. Product features: - Means you won't lose muscle when on a diet - Whey protein isolate has a very high biological quality - Whey protein isolate is absorbed very quickly by the body - Isolate means > 90% protein as dry mass - Biological quality is according to Chemical Score FNB = 132 - Per 100 g of protein = 25.4 g BCAA - beats all records! - Aspartame free - LOW FAT - LOW CARB (mixed with water) - No added sugar! - No milk sugar!