Weider Nutrition Gold Whey 2kg Powder

Weider Nutrition

Whey Protein

Weider Gold Whey is a low fat and low carb drink mix powder rich in high-quality whey protein. It also contains a high concentration of BCAAs (23g in every 100g protein). Weider Gold Whey is ultra filtrated and absorbed by the muscles quickly and helps regenerate and build muscle. Weider Gold Whey contains vital bioactive substances such as Globulins and Glycomacropeptides which are said to have health-promoting properties similar to Omega 3 fatty acids and probiotics. The product also contains beta and alpha lactoglobulins which regulate the acidbase balance and are an energy source. In addition, immunoglobulins strengthen body's immune system and glycomacropeptides control the appetite. Serving Size: 30g Servings per container: 66 Weider Gold Whey features: •Aspartame free •Supports build-up and muscle phase •Improves fat burning due to its low carbohydrate content •Ultra filtrated •No ion exchange Weider Gold Whey Nutritional information per serving: •Energy: 123 kcal / 521 kJ •Protein: 24 g •Carbohydrates: 2.6 g •Fat: 1.8 g Weider Gold Whey Suggested Use: •Mix 30 g powder with 300 ml semi-skimmed milk (1.5% fat) or water •One serving in the morning just after getting up •For professionals, an additional one serving directly after workout