Weider Nutrition Hardcore Whey 3.1kg Powder

Weider Nutrition

Whey Protein


Hard core Whey contains readily available proteins as well as good quantity of readily available carbohydrates which serve as building materials for muscle mass. These carbohydrates supply energy for training and prevent that valuable protein from being used up as fuel. In addition, this special carbohydrate supply leads to the distribution of the anabolic hormone insulin, which is responsible for transporting protein into muscle cells. On the other hand, during the muscle building process, whey protein is taken up by the muscles quickly.

So! to maintain the body essential amino acids in high quantity, our product is also added with extra egg protein: It contains sulfurous amino acids which is important, among others, to keep the immune system strong, which is prone to weaken during hard training . Besides, protein synthesis doesn't disintegrate, when all the essential amino acids are present. Protein synthesis defines the structure of body's own protein (muscles). Should it be disturbed or broken off, no muscle mass is possible.

Together with the hard core Whey, one should not take food-fat. Because, it disturbs the structure of muscle and there is also a danger of fat growth in the places where muscles should.

Product features:

- Readily available whey protein (Whey) plus egg albumine plus absorption-boosters
- Gelatine free
- Aspartam free
- Wheat protein free