Weider Nutrition Premium Whey 2.3kg Powder

Weider Nutrition

Whey Protein

Weider Premium Whey - 2300g : The product contains Globuline and Glycomacro peptide, which are called bio-active substances. Similarly, it also contains health-promoting nutrients like the pro-biotic or the Omega-3-fatty acids. Moreover, it also contains beta and alpha Lacto globuline which regulate the acid base balance in the body and are called energy suppliers. Furthermore, immuno globuline strengthens the defence forces and Glyco macropeptide controls the appetite. Serving Size: 1 Scoop (30g) Serving per Container: 76 Product properties: Whey protein isolates Micro-filtered whey protein concentrate (Whey) Naturally occuring bio-active nutrients such as Globuline and Glycomacropeptide Free Glutamine Aspartam free Ingredients: * essential amino acids * naturally contained bioactive nutrients such as globuline and glycomacropeptide * Globulins and glycomacropeptides are said to have health-promoting characteristics similar to omega-3 fatty acids * micro-filtered whey protein concentrate * free L-glutamine (2g per portion) was added in order to improve the regeneration process after an intense workout * recommendation: mix 30g with 300 ml semi-skimmed milk shortly after an intense workout and before breakfast * protein ratio: 46% beta-lactoglobulin, 16% alpha-lactoglobulin, 2% immunoglobulin G, 26% glycomacropeptide * high BCCA content * BCAAs are principal component of the skeletal muscles and can be burnt as energy during an intensive workout even during the high-calorie muscle build-up phose. Because of this, a constant supply is important. * free from aspartame * content: 2,3kg Other Information: content per serving (30g powder mixed with 300ml semi-skimmed milk): calories/energy: 1049kJ / 249kcal protein: 32g carbohydrates: 15g fat: 6,3g vitamin B6: 0,7mg calcium: 474mg magnesium: 57mg L-glutamine: 2g amino acid compositon per 100g protein: histidine*: 1,6g isoleucine*: 6,0g leucine*: 9,9g lysine*: 9,0g methionine*: 2,1g phenylalanine*: 2,8g threonine*: 6,2g tryptophan*: 1,3g valine*: 5,5g arginine*: 2,0g cysteine: 2,1g tyrosine: 2,4g alanine: 4,6g asparagine: 10,3g glutamic acid: 14,9g glycine: 1,3g proline: 5,1g glutamine: 8,6g serine: 4,3g