Xplosive Ape Creatine Monohydrate 300g

Xplosive Ape

Creatine Monohydrate

What Is Creatine?

Creatine is a substance that is found naturally in muscle cells. It is produced from amino acids, primarily made in the liver and to a lesser extent in the kidneys and pancreas. It stores high-energy phosphate groups in the form of phosphocreatine which are donated to ADP, regenerating it to ATP, the primary energy carrier in the body. This role in energy production is particularly relevant under conditions of high energy demand such as intense physical or mental activity.

Creatine is found in some foods, mainly meats & fish.

What is micronised Creatine Monohydrate?

Micronised Creatine Monohydrate is a powdered form of creatine monohydrate, which has been micronised 20 times. The result is a finer form of creatine powder which is more soluble in water yet has all the properties of creatine monohydrate.

Why use Creatine?

Creatine use can increase maximum power and performance in high-intensity anaerobic repetitive work (periods of work and rest) by 5 to 15%.

Creatine has no significant effect on aerobic endurance, however it will increase power during short sessions of high-intensity aerobic exercise.

Creatine can also;
- help speed up muscle growth
- Support other functions in muscles
- May help fight some neurological diseases
- May help lower blood sugar levels
- Can improve brain function
- May reduce fatigue & tiredness
Xplosive Ape Creatine Powder is micronised therefore mixes easily. Add one scoop (5g) to 240ml (8oz) to cold water, a favourite beverage or Xplosive Ape shake and mix until powder dissolves.
Recommended daily consumption of 1 x 3 servings per day. Maximum 15g per day. Use continuously for no more than 4 weeks.

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Pure micronised Creatine Monohydrate.
Allergen Information:
May contain traces of Milk, Soy, Gluten, Egg, Nuts & Peanuts.