Yummy Sports Vegan 100% Protein 1kg Powder

Yummy Sports

Vegan Protein



It has 16g of protein per serving, low in fat and sugar but still tastes amazing. The perfect blend of vegan proteins to ensure you hit optimal protein intake with high bio-availability. Vegan protein is a blend of brown rice, pea protein and organic hemp which ensures that you have a varied source of amino acids which are essential for building muscle.



Yummy Sports Vegan Protein can be enjoyed at anytime! It is perfect for immediately after training, to enhance recovery and muscle growth. It mixes well into yogurts and oats to increase the protein content of meals, or it can be consumed on its own during the day for anyone who needs additional protein in their diet.



Yummy Sports Vegan Protein can be enjoyed by anyone who is adhering to a vegan diet and needs to increase their daily protein consumption – whether this be for training needs to health needs.