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  • 39 delicious quality vegan chocolate and snack bars - great variety in a gift box
  • Perfect gift for any occasion or to treat yourself or your loved ones
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  • Beautifully hand packaged
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An Ultimate Gift Option for that Vegan Friend who loves to snack. Introducing the Ultimate Snacking Box, 39 items in one big snack box. Each Box is packed with 100% Vegan and vegetarian friendly protein snacks for a snack lover.

The Vegan Snack Box Includes:

Free From Fellows Pear Drops 70g x 1

Free From Fellows Cola Bottles 100g x 1

Free From Fellows Mallows 105g x 1

Emily Veg Thins 23g x 1

Candy Shack Liquorice Strawberry 120g x 1

Boundless Chipotle & Lime Snacking 23g x 1

Lenny Larry Cookie 56g x 1

Sweet FA Cranberry & Orange Cookie 125g x 1

Sweet FA Oat & Raisin 125g x 1

iChoc Salty Pretzel Chocolate Vegan 80g x 1

Wizard Mint Chocolate 55g x 1

Plamil So Free Chocolate 80g x 1

Love Raw Nutty Choc Balls 28g x 1

Love Raw Cre&m & Wafer Bar 45g x 1

Love Vegan High Protein Bite Rich Cacao & Cashew Morello Bar 45g x 1

Love Vegan High Protein Bite Rich Cacao & Cashew Cookie Bar 45g x 1

Love Vegan Orange & Cacao Cashew Bar 32.5g x 1

Trek Protein Flapjack Original Oat Bar 50g x 1

Not Guilty Banana, Cocoa & Aronia Berry Bar 40g x 1

Moo Free White Bar 20g x 1

Bettr Sesame Whole Seed Bar 30g x 1

MisFits Chocolate Hazelnut Bar 40g x 1

Vive Better Brownie 35g x 1

Lexis Protein Bar Double Chocolate Chip 40g x 1

Creem Belgian Milk Chocolate 35g x 1

Organica Hazelnut Delight Bar 40g x 1

Boka Apple & Cinnamon Bar 30g x 1

PRI's Puddings Cashew Butter Pie 48g x 1

Ricola Delicious Elderflower Sugar Free Sweets 45g x 1

Abakus Foods Roasted Giant Corn Sea Salt 45g x 1

Kookie Cat Salted Caramel Almond Cookie 50g x 1

Meridian Crunchy Almond Butter 170g x 1

Vego Crunchy Hazelnut Spread 200g x 1

Nix Kix 100% Natural Sparkling Mango Ginger 250ml x 1




NOTE: Random flavors will be arranged in each basket.

Please note that in a case of any product being out of stock, it will be replaced by the nearest alternative.


39 Vegan Products (Please check the product label)