Nicole Mann


  Nicole Mann | Cellucor Athlete


Qualified in Advanced Sports & Exercise Nutrition, sponsored UK Cellucor Athlete Nicole

As a child Nicole was always into sports. Football, ice skating, horse riding & athletics are a few to be named! She loved anything active & was always conscious of being 'healthy'. Football was her favourite sport, but when she reached age 17 she put more focus into socialising and building a career for herself.

After 7 years of weight training, Nicole decided she wanted to compete in Bikini Bodybuilding. This was a dream of hers for several years, but it took a long time to gain the confidence & commit to stepping on stage.Coached by Gavin Gibson (WNBF Pro Natural Bodybuilder), Nicole competed in Bikini Bodybuilding in 2017 at the UKDFBA (UK Drug Free Bodybuilding Association). Preparing for the show was a huge commitment, alongside her job at Waterlogic UK - Nicole had her work cut out! She was thrilled to take home 1st place at her first competition, which has only enhanced her love for the sport.

Nicole is a Sponsored Cellucor Athlete in the UK. It was a dream come true for Nicole to be sponsored by her all time favourite supplement brand!