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Get prepared for the grilling season and stock up on this high-quality Restaurant Grade Charcoal for that authentic BBQ taste.

This excellent charcoal is produced in larger chunks so that it is ideal for use on a wide range of BBQs from the typical garden barbecue to larger, professional grilling and BBQ equipment.

Made from lumpwood charcoal, these pieces burn hotter and for longer than ordinary charcoal and are popular with restaurant professionals and garden chefs alike.

Its superior restaurant grade quality means it is completely pure with it no additives like regular briquettes or a lighter fluid like instant-light charcoal.

Restaurant Grade Charcoal produces a high and stable heat for long periods of time, enabling you to create the perfect BBQ or grilled food. Restaurant charcoal is extremely popular in exotic cooking as it gives you perfectly flavoursome results.

Restaurant Grade Charcoal comes in a large 12.5kg bag. Why keep on buying multiple smaller packs when one of these packs will be able to last you throughout the whole summer and save you a small fortune.



• Large 12kg bag of restaurant quality lump wood charcoal

• 100% natural wood charcoal

• 100% natural with no additives

• Denser charcoal for long-lasting performance

• Lights easily & quickly

• Rarely sparks or spits

• Larger pieces of lumpwood produce high and stable heat for long periods of time

• Ideal for use on professional grilling equipment (Tandoori Ovens, Josper Grills etc.)

• Little ash production

• Adds natural, smoky flavour to your food

• Packed in a strong raffia bag for easy storage and transportation



• 80cm (H) x 40cm (W) x 20cm (D)

• Lumpwood pieces: 80mm - 150mm