3D Energy Drink 1x473ml

3D Energy

Energy Drinks

Where have I been you ask? Well I have been working hard to get myself in shape for the UK and EU markets with a few updates to my slick can design. Oh, and even better, I am now free from artificial colours! Only 15 calories per can.

3D Energy is the brainchild of fitness celebrity Christian Guzman, who is an American amateur bodybuilder, YouTube vlogger, and fitness entrepreneur. Christian shares his knowledge on training, diet and life with his 1 million Instagram followers and 877,102 Youtube subscribers. 

Most of the population are acquainted to energy drinks and everyone knows that they are just filled with ridiculous amounts of sugar and calories that are detrimental not only on physical performance but for the overall health and well-being. Yes, they are great-tasting and supply you with the energy you need to keep you going through the day, but what if there was an alternative product without the added sugar and the necessary calories that does pretty much exactly the same thing? Well, look no further!