5% Nutrition Keto Asalt 252g Powder

5% Nutrition

Keto Support


Anyone that has been on a ketogenic diet understands that the transition of the body from a glucose-fueled energy source to one powered by ketones such as BHB (Beta-Hydroxybutyrate), can be very taxing. Fortunately, 5% Nutrition has formulated the new Keto aSALT to help your body reach ketosis faster, and for those already in ketosis, maintain your ketogenic state.

Keto aSALT contains BHB Salts that will enhance your body’s ability to get into, or even back into, Ketosis. As your body shifts into Ketosis, it uses exogenous ketone bodies, such as BHB salts, to create energy as glucose production is minimized. Keto aSALT is the perfect supplement to assist you in reaching higher ketone levels and do so more efficiently, providing you with enhanced focus and more even energy curve throughout the day.

Keto aSALT is mega-dosed with high-quality ingredients including an 11-gram dose per serving of BHB Salts in the form of goBHB®. This proprietary blend is known to use a ketone body that provides more energy for your muscles and additional focus for your brain. BHB Salts are also considered an electrolyte which is incredibly beneficial when you consider that most keto-based dieters often suffer from dehydration. It contains B-Vitamin, L-Carnitine and L-Tartrate, all of which help the body transport and convert stored fats into usable energy. Lastly, we have incorporated a powerful antioxidant, CoQ10, to support the process of creating energy at a cellular level.