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TnP Accessories Yoga Straps 190cm

The simplest of all props, the TnP Accessories® yoga strap can help deepen your leg stretches, correct your alignment and extend your reach. It is a great prop to take your yoga practice to new levels.         

It also helps improve flexibility and measure your progress at the same time. At a thicker spec this belt provides extra comfort and ease of use.         

Very beneficial for holding stretches, the TnP Accessories® 100% cotton strap is ideal for those new to yoga and who require a safe and easy way to hold more difficult yoga stretches with maximum comfort.                


  • Material: 100% Natural Cotton.
  • Metal D-Ring Size: 190cm (L), 3.8cm (W) approximately.
  • Lightweight but sturdy, with a strong metal buckle that allows you to adjust the length.
  • Extending and deepening reach in yoga posture
  • Colours: Pink, Purple, Black, Red & Light Khaki