Diablo Sugar Free Hamper Box (9 Items)


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Introducing the Ultimate Diablo Sugar Free Snacking Box, 9 items in one big snack box. Each Box is packed with sugar free no added sugar snack lover.

The Diablo Sugar Free Snack Box Includes:

1 x Diablo Sweet Bag 75g
1 x Diablo White Chocolate with Strawberry 75g
1 x Diablo Wafer with Coconut 110g
1 x Diablo SF Vanilla Sandwich Cookies with Cocoa Cream 44g
1 x Diablo Milk Chocolate coated Wafer 30g
1 x Diablo Milk Chocolate Button 22g
1 x Diablo No Added Sugar Coated Milk Chocolate Buttons 40g
1 x Diablo No Added Sugar Peanut Milk Chocolate Buttons 40g
1 x Diablo Bubble Bar 30g
1 x Bamboo Basket
1 x Pull Up Bow
1 x Cellophane
1 x Shred

NOTE: Random flavours will be arranged in each basket. Please message us if you have any preferences.
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