Gorillalpha Ultimate Intra Pump 500g


Intra Workouts


Gorilla Alpha brings you ultimate intra workout pump. The ultimate non stim, all in one, intra workout pump matrix that includes clinical doses of the latest ground breaking patented ingredients to maximise your workout.

Active Ingredients per full 1 scoop serving

Glycersize – 5000mg

Bcaa Blend – 5000mg

Palatinose – 200mg

Lysine – 2000mg

Nitrosigine  -1500mg

CocoMineral – 1000mg

L-Threonine – 1000mg

L-Phenylalanine – 600mg

Calcium Chloride – 468mg

L-Methionine – 400mg

Himalayan Pink Salt – 325mg

Potassium – 315g

L-Trytophan – 80mg

Magnesium – 56mg

S7 – 50mg

Senactiv 50mg

Astragin – 50mg

Directions –

Experienced users – Mix a 1 scoop (full serving) with 500ml of water and consume during your workout.

Beginners - Mix a ½ a scoop (1/2 serving) with 350ml of water and consume during your workout.