High 5 Run Pack Mixed



The HIGH5 Run Pack is a selection of runners’ favourite products. Whether you are new to sports nutrition or training for a running event (half marathon marathon), this pack is full of all your nutrition essentials. This pack is suitable for vegetarians and contains an assortment of bestselling flavours. The HIGH5 Run Pack includes everything you need to keep you fuelled and hydrated when running, either during your training runs or on race day. It contains a variety of flavours and formats to suit your every need, from energy gels to hydration tablets.

Top Features:
Energy Gel Berry (40g) x 2Energy Gel Aqua Caffeine Citrus (66g) x 2
Energy Gel Aqua Orange (66g) x 2
Recovery Drink Chocolate (60g) x 1
ZERO Citrus (10 tabs) x 1
ZERO Berry (10 tabs) x 1
ZERO (1 tab) Pink Grapefruit x 3
Run Bottle 330ml x 1