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Post Workout Recovery


Finish Strong for a Full Recovery with Post JYM BCAAs+
When your workout ends, the muscle-building process – aka, muscle protein synthesis (MPS) - is just getting started. The key to seeing gains in both performance and physique comes down to one simple thing: recovery. Without the proper nutrients, MPS and recovery could fall short.

Support your hard work in the gym by sipping on Post JYM BCAAs+ after your workout. BCAAs plus seven other critical ingredients will help promote a full recovery from intense training sessions.*

Post JYM BCAAs+ Recovery Matrix was specifically designed to work in synergy with Pre JYM. The two products complement each other perfectly: Pre JYM boosts energy and performance in the gym, and Post JYM fuels your recovery immediately after training.*

Muscle don’t grow bigger and stronger in the gym; they grow at rest. But resting your body isn’t enough. You need to provide your muscles the nutrients they need to recover fully – the sooner, the better. This is why taking Post JYM’s 8 ingredients after training is so important.*

Intense training breaks down muscle tissue, and it must be built back up via muscle protein synthesis (MPS) to allow you to grow bigger and stronger. The ingredients in Post JYM BCAAs+ Recovery Matrix collectively work to spike muscle protein synthesis and start the repair process immediately.*