MHP Fit & Lean Power Pak Pudding 4 Cups


Protein Snacks

- 15 Grams Protein - Only 100 Calories Protein Never Tastes So Good! MHP's Fit & Lean Power Pak Pudding is a creamy and delicious low calorie, ready-to-eat snack packed with 15 grams of protein and 0 sugar. At only 100 calories per satisfying cup, Fit & Lean Power Pak Pudding is a delicious treat to help you lose weight and eat healthy. Women everywhere are getting the slim, sexy body they want with Fit & Lean Power Pak Pudding. And men can build the lean, fit body they want with this high protein muscle building snack. With only 5 grams of carbs and 2.5 grams of fat, you can enjoy this healthy treat without feeling guilty. You'll love Fit & Lean Power Pak Pudding - protein never tasted so good! Science: it & Lean Power Pak Pudding is a great way for men and women to harness the power of protein as part of their desire to manage their weight. It has long been realized that protein generally increases satiety to a greater extent than carbohydrate or fat and may facilitate a reduction in food (energy) consumption under ad libitum (meaning at one's pleasure, typically associated with snacking) dietary situations. For those looking to manage or even lose some weight, Power Pak Pudding can be an excellent snack to keep you feeling satisfied and to help prevent overeating. But don't use Power Pak as a sole source of your calories; very low calorie diets can be detrimental to your health - and weight loss goals. Fit & Lean Power Pak Pudding uses a combination of milk protein isolate and soy protein isolate to provide both fast and medium release proteins for muscle building and satiety benefits. Research suggests that milk proteins work best when combined with other proteins. Fit & Lean Power Pak Pudding's protein blend provides a whopping 15 grams of protein per 4.5 oz. serving, yielding a protein-per-calorie level higher than most comparative food sources. By including soy protein isolate, Fit & Lean Power Pak Pudding provides high levels of key amino acids such as glutamine, arginine and BCAAs, plus key isoflavones that provide numerous health benefits. Because of the processing of the milk protein isolate and soy protein isolate, Fit & Lean Power Pak Pudding is lactose free and gluten free. In addition, it contains no stomach churning sugar alcohols, which are prevalent in many protein bars. This means it will be easier on your digestive system than similar high protein snacks. Fit & Lean Power Pak Pudding provides 15 grams of protein per cup. Many researchers agree that the average person who trains with weights or performs other exercise requires about 0.7-0.8 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight per day. So for the 110 lb. woman, that would equate to about 82 grams of protein daily, while the 180 lb. man would need about 135 grams. So that would mean Fit & Lean Power Pak Pudding would be a perfect between meal protein snack or post-workout treat, providing nearly 20% of an exercising woman's daily protein requirement in one delectable cup. Most experts caution that eating too much protein at one sitting can be wasteful, in that the excess cannot be absorbed sufficiently. The common threshold is 30 grams maximum per sitting, which means the 15 grams of protein in Fit & Lean Power Pak Pudding fits right in with experts guidelines and is an excellent choice for muscle tissue regeneration.