Muscle Rage Limitless 25 Servings

Muscle Rage


Limitless is the most complete pre workout supplement to date. Packing more optimally dosed active ingredients than anything else in its class.
Now in a new 25 serving form, with two new flavours, we have fought the odds to keep the same formula you know and love. To balance cost vs. quality, the serving size and the tub size has been reduced. Though the price has increased slightly, the quality of Limitless remains as it always has.

Unparalleled Focus – Powered by a perfected hard-hitting blend of Nootropics and Stimulants. Including Alpha-GPC, Theobromine and Eria Jarensis. 
Unrivalled Power – Scientifically correct dosages for L-Citrulline Malate (6g) and Beta-Alanine (3.2g). 
Unmatched Performance – Powering over 500,000 workouts worldwide.

Limitless is the non-proprietary blend, hard-hitting pre-workout supplement you have been looking for. Scientifically backed dosages give you intense focus and limitless energy (😉 see what we did there), whilst delivering massive pumps and performance increases. If you are done with mixing pre workouts or using more and more scoops? Then Limitless is for you.

Citrulline Malate (6g) – Citrulline Malate is probably the most well known pump ingredient on the market to date. But also the most under dosed pump ingredient on the market to date. Citrulline malate greatly improves intracellular Nitric Oxide production. It has also shown to push back muscular fatigue during exercise, help you recover faster and with less soreness. At 6g per scoop (the correct and optimum dosage), you know you will achieve the maximum this phenomenal pump enhancer can give you.
Beta Alanine (3.2g) – A well known and well-researched performance enhancer. Beta Alanine reduces lactic acid build up whilst training, allowing you to get more reps and more sets in throughout your workout.
Alpha GPC (300mg) – Alpha GPC is a natural choline compound found in the brain. Because of this, it has extremely high bioavailability, meaning it kicks in fast and effectively. Because of this, it is considered the best form of choline on the market to date. Alpha GPC greatly increases attention, focus, and concentration, making distractions in the gym a thing of the past.
Caffeine Anhydrous (250mg) – Caffeine, the compound that is in nearly every fat burner and pre workout on the market because simply it works. Caffeine triggers a whole host of performance benefits such as improved focus, increased alertness, and enhanced mood.
Eria Jarensis (175mg) – Eria Jarensis is a powerful PEA like ingredient. Due to its extreme potency, you can expect a huge euphoric feeling that just never seems to quit. Because of its chemical structure, this will actually last longer than actual PEA.
Di-Caffeine Malate (100mg) – Also known as Infinergy is a precise combination of caffeine and malic acid joined together by an ionic bond. It is bonded like this to buffer the salts within caffeine, allowing easier digestion and therefore removes the stomach issues that caffeine causes people, whilst also helping to minimize the post caffeine energy crash.
Theobromine (75mg) – Theobromine comes from the cocoa plant and is naturally found in some teas. But at 75mg it works similar to caffeine causing stimulant effect as it crosses the blood-brain barrier and binds to adenosine receptors.
N-Methyltyramine (50mg) – N-Methyltyramine is the latest addition to Limitless. It is a stimulant and cognitive enhancer that stimulates the release of noradrenaline which causes increase concentration. It also acts as an alpha-2 adrenoreceptor which increases the activity of adrenergic, dopaminergic and serotonergic neurotransmitters, which helps improve mood and energy.
Bioperine (Black Pepper Extract) (10mg)  – Bioperine is a patented version of Black Pepper extract that has a 95% minimum. Bioperine helps the bioavailability of other ingredients within the body, meaning you get a bigger benefit from other ingredients within the supplement than you normally would.
As a dietary supplement consume 1 serving (1 scoop) 20 minutes before your workout. mix with 200-300ml of water. Do not exceed more than 1 serving (1 Scoop) within a 24 hour period.
L-Citrulline DL Malate – 6000mgBeta Alanine – 3200mg
Alpha GPC – 300mg
Caffeine Anydrous – 250mg
Eria Jarensis – 175mg
Di-Caffeine Malate – 100mg
Theobromine – 75mg
N-Methyltyramine – 75mg
Black Pepper Extract (95% Bioperine) – 10mg