NEW Mutant Mass 2.2kg Powder


Weight Gainers

Designed specifically for the strongest bodybuilders and weightlifters that walk the earth, Mutant Mass is now being discovered by other hardcore and dedicated athletes seeking the most powerful gainer they can get their hands on. Now, our latest and greatest formula is here ready to help you unleash your fullest potential. When we say "New & Improved, #1 Original Big Bag Muscle Mass Weight Gainer...Higher Protein – Lower Sugar – Great Tasting – Easy Mixing!" and all the other great stuff we rave about when referring to Mutant Mass, that comes from countless years of researching, developing and re-booting our already multi-award winning formula, to truly make it even better. Now 52% less sugar than previous formula56 grams of quality protein per servingDelivers over 1100 calories per servingIncludes 36 g of naturally occurring BCAAs, EAAs, glutaminesNow including oats, sweet potato, and avocado