Nutrisport Amino Bombs 200 Tablets


EAA's (Essential Amino Acids)

NutriSport Chewable flavoured Amino Bombs. Amino acids are the building acids of all proteins. Body builders and strength athletes require more amino acids to replace those used during training as well as for muscle growth. Branched chain amino acids are removed during strenuous training. Free form aminos (single aminos) and peptide bound aminos (few joined together) are contained in Nutrisport Amino Acids, along with other essential amino’s that can not be made by the body. All the right aminos in the right ratio’s to aid in muscle growth and recovery. 2000 mg Protein per tabletHigh biological value (BV139)Ideal for high protein/low carb dietsAll essential + branched chain + non essential amino acidsLow Fat / Low Carbohydrate