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Why is it that some people can eat junk meal in and junk meal out for years and remain thin and fit, while others blow up after a single time eating out with their friends? The answer lies in the different metabolisms that different individuals have.

Metabolic rate refers to how quickly you consume energy to keep your body running. What we see in the scientific world is that the smaller the animal, the higher its metabolic rate is relative to its body weight. The same applies to humans. As humans lose fat, their metabolic rate increases relative to their new size. This creates a positive cycle – the more weight you lose, the easier it is to keep it off. On the flip side, the more fat you gain, the harder time you will have losing it down the road.

Now here lies the problem in your fitness goals: chances are, you were never walking around with a 6-pack prior to starting your fitness journey. Which means that to get down to that level of bodyfat, a level much less than the fat that you are naturally programmed to carry, you have to get to dietary and exercise extremes. Extremes that only need to be supplemented with SHIFT.

Olive Leaf Extract

When we set out to make the most versatile metabolism booster on the market, we told our R&D department to research multiple metabolism-boosting pathways. When we looked at the animal data on olive leaf extract, a serving of mere micrograms in the animals was enough to significantly elevate key metabolic hormone levels. We include 100mg per capsule. This specialized PES extract alone could have made a product, and is the same extract previously featured in Alpha-T2, and in Alphamine that our customers have come to love.

Stimulating BAT with the new kid on the block – Aframomum

Stimulating the metabolic furnaces known as BAT is the latest and greatest approach to targeting fat.

There is one major drawback with natural BAT stimulators though. They work amazing in rats and always fall flat in humans for reasons we can’t quite explain. There is one exception to this rule though: specific extracts of Aframomum melegueta.

This novel plant extract has been shown in 2 human studies to activate BAT, increase calories burnt, and reduce visceral fat. Visceral fat is the fat that hides around your organs and gives men that bulging stomach lookit’s really unhealthy fat and it looks awful too.

First in the two-part CitraRosea blend is Synephrine, which has been shown to elevate metabolic rate. As an added bonus, synephrine has the very unique ability to increase the thermic effect of food in women, meaning that with each bite of food you take, you burn extra calories just to digest and absorb the food.

The inclusion of Rhodiola rosea extract in this blend is for a very particular reason. While there is no human evidence available yet on the effects of Rhodiola and Citrus aurantium combined, the animal data had us very intrigued. First, rhodiola itself has been shown to reduce binge eating episodes in animals. This got us thinking

But what really intrigued us was a 2013 study done on the combination of Citrus aurantium and Rhodiola, showing an impressive appetite-reducing effect in animals, leading us to begin our testing of the CitraRosea blend, and how it landed in the SHIFT formula.

Amplifying the Pathways
For many of you, forskolin needs no introduction. Put simply, forskolin is a proven stimulant-free fat loss ingredient. Human trial after human trial show that forskolin is an effective ingredient. It has stood the test of time, and we use the most pure and patented form, ForsLean 95%.

For this reason, forskolin has rapidly gained popularity. But the problem with most forskolin products is that they don’t account for the purity of forskolin. Forskolin is known for being sold primarily in its low grade form that can have you running to the bathroom all day. But at PEScience, we spent moreway morein order to get you the Sabinsa-licensed 95% extract Forslean.

We paired forskolin with another “augmenter”, a unique ingredient known as Hemerocallis fulva. Our formula is modeled around the extract used in scientific research, an extract that’s been shown to work in similar pathways as Forskolin in vitro.

Now if you’ve been following along closely, you’ll see why the ingredients in this formula work in perfect concert. One formula, multiple angles, extreme versatility.

PEScience Shift – The Most Versatile Caffeine-Free Leaning Agent