Pro Elite Lean Mass Gainer 2.25kg Powder

Pro Elite

Lean Gainers

Pro Elite Lean Mass Gainer is specially designed to aid muscle support and gain lean muscle mass. It’s a high-quality blend of pre-digested, rapidy-absorbed, slow-release proteins with low carbohydrates. This enables Pro Elite Lean Mass Gainer to respond as a fast-acting, slow release of low glycemic carbohydrates. Pro Elite Lean Mass Gainer is ideal for optimizing strength, stamina and muscle growth as well as helping post-workout. Lean Mass Gainer’s unique inclusion of Pro-biotics guarantees a steady release of calories and other nutrients in to the cells of the body; this combination helps maintain a healthy and effective digestive system, as well as helping muscle development and maturity. Finally, the addition of Glutamine Peptides - the most abundant amino acids in the human body helps to contribute towards better muscle development and recovery - an essential ingredient when training under intense extremes for athletic development. To achieve outstanding results from Pro Elite Lean Mass Gainer use it regularly as part of your dietary/training regime to maintain and achieve your nutritional and physical targets.