PROELITE Berberine Vegan Capsules


Heart Health

Why choose Berberine supplement?

Our natural Berberine supplement can be found in herbs like goldenseal, barberry, goldthread, Oregon grape and tree turmeric. Moreover, foods, where Berberine is most abundant, are not necessarily the best and the most bioavailable. Moreover, as we age our Berberine levels drop, so diet alone can’t support all our needs. Using a Berberine supplement in capsules can be a better option as you know how much Berberine you add to your daily diet.

What are the main Berberine supplement benefits?

Berberine increases protection from cardiovascular diseases because it is essential for vascular and cardiac function, helps to reduce inflammation and regulates glucose levels. This is important for people who have diabetes, high blood pressure or want to lose weight as Berberine supplementation can help to normalise cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Moreover, with all that, it helps you to lose weight and strengthen your heart with other more benefits.

Why choose our brand?

Rising early in the morning and having some protein-rich food can be great ways to start your day, but it isn't enough. Berberine is the ultimate supplement you need to take to enhance the healthiness of your body. With PROELITE 600mg(25:1 Extract) which will give you 15000mg Berberine supplements, you increase your daily intake of this amazing ingredient without compromising on taste or flavour. And guess what! They are made with advanced formulas that are designed for maximum absorption into your body so that they work efficiently and are perfect for vegetarians and vegans.
As food supplements take 1-2 capsules daily with glass of water before meal or as otherwise directed by a healthcare professional.
Warning: Berberine is a food supplements and should be used as a part of a varied and balance diet. Do not exceed the recommended dose unless advised by a physician. Store out of the reach of children.
Nutritional Information Amount Per 1 Capsule Amount Per 2 Capsules
Berberine (25:1 Extract) 600mg 1200mg
Berberine (25:1 Extract), HPMC Vegan Capsule, NO Fillers, NO Binders, NO Caking Agents, NO Magnesium Stearate.