Chia Seeds


Chia seeds are an ideal snack for between meals, they can be added to your meals and your shakes to bring a nutritional boost. These small seeds are packed full of protein, fibre, omega fatty acids and minerals. These are a dietary essential in many areas, the Mayans and Aztecs use Chia Seeds as a staple food source.

In comparison to other food products Chia Seeds have:
  • Twice the amount of iron and magnesium as spinach
  • Double the amount of fibre to oats
  • The richest plant source of Omega 3
  • Also contains Omega 6 and 9
Who Should Take Pure Chia Seeds?
Pure Chia Seeds can be added to the daily diet of anyone looking to receive a nutritious boost to their meals.

How Do I use Chia seeds?
Chia seeds can be used in a multitude if ways, they can be added into your smoothie or protein shake, added into a salad or sprinkled on a bolognaise. They are very mild in flavour so can be added to anything!

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Organic Chia Seeds