QNT Amino Load 1x500ml


Energy Drinks


This refreshing drink rich in a will help you maintain and develop your muscles. Thanks to its multiple effects on your body, its absorption will help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

Ideal to accompany you during your workout or throughout the day, this drink is easy and practical to take with you everywhere. Designed for athletes and active people, Amino Load includes ingredients ideal for both recovery as for the maintenance and development of your muscle mass. Thanks to its explosive formula, Amino Load will accompany you during your sports sessions, even the most intense.


Amino Load is a drink that allows you to fill up with18 amino acids, nutrients that are extremely important for muscle growth and recovery. Since amino acids are the basic units of proteins, care must be taken to provide them in the necessary amount. By contributing to Muscle reconstruction, its contribution is fundamental in addition to the physical activity during which the muscles are tested.

Amino acids can be found in varying amounts throughout the daily diet. Unfortunately, the body retains only the number of amino acids necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Therefore, there may be risks that this intake is not sufficient for athletes or active people. During training, amino acid requirements increase. Therefore, taking Amino Load, which comprises an ideal set of amino acids, can be a solution to meet these needs.


Amino Load has a high BCAA content in an ideal ratio of 2:1:1. These Essential amino acids include L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine. The ratio indicates that there is twice as much L-Leucine, the amino acid that triggers the process of protein synthesis. The main function of BCAAs It is stimulating muscle growth and helping to reduce muscle soreness. . In fact, it is possible to feel muscle soreness after a workout. The action of BCAAs in the body will reduce these muscle genes (cramps, pains, etc.) by reducing the degradation of proteins during your sports session. Therefore, the addition of BCAAs will allow you to perform and train more frequently.


The Amino Load drink is composed of 16g of protein. This nutrient, essential for the body, participates in the construction of muscle tissue. During training, your muscles, which are very stressed, suffer numerous microcracks. To rebuild, tone muscles and gain muscle mass, it is essential to fill yourself with proteins.

The protein contained in Amino Load consists exclusively of whey protein isolate, derived from Metapure.This ultrafiltered protein thanks to a manufacturing process at the forefront of the latest technologies is ideal for all athletes and active people who wish to develop or maintain their muscle mass. With an above-average biological value, this protein is the purest on the market and will be the perfect support for the development and Maintenance of yourmuscles. The Amino Load is, therefore, the ideal ally to support you during your workouts and help you achieve your goals.