Sugar Free Snacks Gift Hamper

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Gift Hampers


Ultimate Sugar Free Gift Hamper Bundle. 8 items, one big hamper and each item being sugar free. Each ‘Ultimate Hamper’ is packed with cookies, chocolate, wafers, sweets, spreads and other high quality snacks. All products included in the basket are sugar free. Each basket is gift wrapped first in transparent Cellophane Sheets and then packaged with a red ribbon and posted with the most ultimate care.

The Hamper Includes:

1x Diablo Cookies 135g

1x Diablo No Added Sugar cream wafer 110g

1x Diablo Sugar Free Fruit Flavoured Toffee Sweets bag

1x No Added Sugar Chocolate Bar 75g

1x Ricola Glacier Peppermint Sugar Free Box 45g

1x Diablo Chocolate Spread 350g

1x Buckwheat Crispbread 125g

1x Diablo Dark Chocolate Sandwich Cookies 44g

1x Hamper Basket

NOTE: Random flavors will be arranged in each basket. Please message us if you have any preferences.