TnP Accessories Back Extension Bench - XQEB-26

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TnP Accessories Back Extension Bench -Black/Red -XQEB-26

Strengthen your lower back safely and comfortably on the 45 degree TNP Accessories back extension bench. This bench extension is set at 45 degree angle for optimum conditioning. Thick pads provide maximum comfort for all size users. Perfect for strengthening abdominal muscles and shaping your figure. The back extension bench is ideal for doing back exercise because it is designed to support the hips, stabilize the feet and isolate the back muscles. The primary muscle worked in the lower back, with the glutes, upper back and hamstrings also being strengthened. If you workout for a long time with this back extension bench, it can be good for you to improve circulation, increase flexibility and fight compression fatigue. Comfortable pad can be adjusted to the position most suitable for you.

Dumbbells also require more muscular control than barbells, thus enhancing kinesthetic awareness. The best part of training with dumbbells is it allows the athlete to train through a greater range of motion than barbells on some exercises.

Understand that it is sometimes more valuable to trade heavy weights (Barbells) for more sport-specific movements.


•Comfortable pad can be adjusted to the position most suitable for you.
•Sturdy grip handle for you to keep stability
•Foam roller to protect your legs
•45 degree structure design
•Super quality and easy to clean


•Colour: Black & Red
•Assembly Size: 100x56x80cm approximately
•Box Size: 73x47x12cm approximately
•Weight: 10kg approximately
•Cushion Size: 24x40x4cm approximately