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Train smarter and safer with the Revolving Grappler Handle. Achieve the same power outputs as Olympic movements, without having to spend months perfecting technique and reducing the likelihood of potential injuries. The Revolving Grappler Handle is ideal for strength and conditioning and sports performance environments as it improves power and strength outputs, maximising performance safely and efficiently. The beauty of the Revolving Grappler Handle is that it is also ideal the nonspecialist weight lifter who wants to achieve the same explosive power output as a specialist.

Add extra versatility to your Landmine with the Revolving Grappler Handle The flexibility of the handle revolving can improve the wrist comfort during some lifts and make some exercises more difficult through increased instability, as well. Can be used for a variety of pressing and pulling exercises...a Viking Press (of sorts) and shrugs are a couple of my personal favourites.

360 MOTION HANDLES: Ideal to move with you whilst keeping you anchored on a central point


USED: Can be used for a variety of pressing and pulling exercises. Deadlift, Traps, Romanian Deadlift, Floor Press, Shoulder Press, Explosive Jumps, Prone Row, Complex