TnP Accessories Corrective Posture Clavicle Band

TnP Accessories

Back Brace




Adopting high quality material, which is soft, breathable, comfortable to wear and environmental friendly.

8-shape design will provide uniform strength from preclavicle to scapular, and make them to keep in suitable position.


Providing support for your shoulders, which will help to prevent humpback and curvature of the spine, correct poor postures to keep a correct sitting, standing, walking posture.


Easy to wear, the hook and loop on the belt makes you can adjust the size and tension freely.


Suitable for people who have poor postures, shoulder and back pain which caused by working with long standing, long time sitting, long time to keep the same posture, etc



Gender: Unisex

Colour: Black


Adjustable size


Suitable for chest circumference 28 - 48 inches


Note: Please be noted that a little discomfort at the beginning is normal for those who are accustomed to poor posture, but please stop using it if pain occurs.