TnP Accessories Kettlebell / Dumbbell Stand - Black

TnP Accessories



TnP Accessories Kettlebell / Dumbbell Stand - Black

TNP Accessories Dumbbell / Kettle-bell Rack can be set against any wall or centered in the room. And nobody builds stronger or more space efficient storage unit than TNP.


  • Configure to hold dumbbells or kettle-bells
  • Heavy gauge steel construction holds a full rack of weight
  • Welded construction is debarred inside and out for user safety
  • Dumbbells and kettle-bells not included
  • Dimensions: 23 x 33 x 44 1/2"
  • Product Weight: 35kg / 79lbs / 5.6 stone
  • This product can be set up as either a 2 tier Kettle-bell Rack; a 2 tier Dumbbell rack or a 2 tier rack comprising of 1 tier for Dumbbells & 1 tier for Kettle-bells.