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Swiss Balls

100% Brand new and high quality
Suitable for swim ring inflating, pedal type inflating pump can be convenient and labor saving, lightweight and mini size can be easy to carry with
Two sizes of valves can suitable for most of swim rings
Blue air port is inflating point, red one is bleeding point, you need correct connection
Item Type: Swim Ring Inflating Tool
Material: Plastic
Type: Pedal Type Inflating Pump
Capacity: 500cc
Size: 4”(Diameter)
Operating Mode: Manual
TnP Accessories Hand Pump

New and high quality.
Handy ball barrel pump.
Suitable for Yoga Swiss Ball, Balloons,etc.
Come with one needle adapter.
With compact design, light weight plastic , comfortable handle for using.
It is suitable for inflating inflatable balloon.
Size: 18cm
Diameter: 3cm