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TNP Accessories Hula Hoop

Are you finding it hard to achieve the desired effect with your existing hula hoop? If so, it's time you tried the TNP Accessories Foam Padded Level 1 Weighted Hula Hoop - it weighs in at a cool 1.2KG (2.65LB), the optimum mass for a perfect workout. This hoop is ideal for use by both adults and teenagers - it's extremely effective when it comes to burning those calories and toning up areas such as your midriff and bottom.

It's no secret that using a hula hoop daily is a great way to lose weight - the problem is though that standard hula hoops are extremely ineffective when compared to the high-tech models on offer here at TNP Accessories. The hoops we stock are packed with research and technology; this ensures that you achieve the best possible effects from your hula hoop workout sessions in terms of toning and burning calories.

This Foam Padded Weighted Hula Hoop is covered with soft foam, reducing impact during your hula hoop exercise routine. You can burn up to 300 calories with your Foam Padded Weighted Hula Hoop each day - so wave goodbye to excess fat and say hello to a new toned body! Using the Hula hoop can also aid mobility of the spine and hips, helping to ensure the joints remain flexible.


Size: 100cm (39")

Weight: 1.2kg (2.65LB)

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Color: Dark Blue+Grey

Material: Soft EVA Foam (Outer) and PE(Inner)