TnP Accessories Landmine Double D Triangle

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TnP Accessories Landmine Double D Triangle

Whether you know it as a DOUBLE D landmine handle, V-BAR landmine attachment, or CHINNING TRIANGLE landmine handle, it only has one purpose and that is to help you build a strong wide back.

Our Double-D handle introduces new rotational challenges by forcing your grip closer to the bar. Each grip is 5in long and 6.15 center to center.

Built to last forever, the TnP Accessories Close Grip goes on and off your Olympic bar, quick and easy, locking down with a quick release lock down.

Designed to fit all TnP Accessories-spec bars.

Perfect For Bodybuilding, Weight Lifting And Weight Training - Whether your doing back rows, bicep rows or any other exercise you can count on our Double D Bar row handle to handle heavy amounts of weight without letting you down.
Designed For Core Training And Back Workouts
Constructed From Heavy Duty Materials