TnP Accessories Wall Mount Pull Up Bar Black/Silver

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TnP Accessories Wall Mount Pull Up Bar Black/Silver

This set of pull-up bar allows for a wide or narrow, pronated, neutral or supinated grip to challenge your back, biceps & shoulders to the absolute max.

The chest, shoulders, biceps, and many other muscles are all worked with a simple pull-up. This will also help prevent muscle cramps as well as fatigue.

Easily and securely mounted to any wall and makes the perfect and necessary addition to your home gym.

Great to train your entire body functionally. All the necessary hardware and instruction are included. Easy assemble required.

Powder coated to prevent rust and it’s bolted flush to the support brackets that guarantee a maximum loading capacity of 330bs/150kg.




Material: Steel frame

Color: Black & Silver

Assembled product dimension: 47.2” x 23.7” x 17.5”

Weight capacity: 3330bs/150kg

Package include: 1*pull up bar, 1*pack of bolts and nuts

Gross Weight: 15KG

Net Weight: 14KG