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Our ultrafast unpredictable reaction balls allow you to hone your reaction times, improve hand/eye coordination and sharpen your reflexes all whilst having fun!
Simply throw the ball on the floor or against a wall, watch it bounce and react to improve your speed, agility and catching skills. TnP Accessories® Reaction Balls are also an ideal choice to target your sense of balance and proprioception.
In addition, the irregularly shaped rubber balls may be used as a massage tool to target specific trigger points. Choose between the 6.7cm and 9.7cm sizes for specific body areas.
The non-marking rubber balls are ergonomically designed to be comfortable to hold and catch and are a great additional tool to throw into your existing sports-based conditioning and training workout programme.
The balls may be used alone or by two or more people in a group training environment. Reaction balls form an invaluable part of the reflex training of many sports professionals including cricketers, rugby players, tennis, badminton and squash players.
  • Reaction balls are designed to bounce in an erratic and unpredictable fashion
  • Used to help improve agility, hand-eye coordination and reaction time
  • A great training tool for all ball sports - use against a wall or with a partner
  • Small: 6.7/9.7cm Diameter - Black/Blue