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TnP Accessories Slam Ball

TNP Accessories The slam ball offers no-bounce design and is intended for repeated slamming on solid surfaces.

Great for Cross Fit, MMA, boot camp, ab workout, rehabilitation, and many other exercises. The sand filled inside keeps the ball from bouncing and rolling around during use.


•Textured Vinyl Cover for Extra Grip & Durability

•No Bounce Design - Designed for Slamming on Solid Surfaces

•Excellent for Increasing Total Core Strength - Abs, Shoulders, Back, Arms & Legs

•Better All Round Workout - Can Help to Work Out Muscles You Didn't Know You Had

•Manufactured from highest quality rubber.

•Textured rubber surface provides optimal grip during your workout.

•An excellent tool for a complete body workout.

•A sand filled center keeps the ball from bouncing or rolling away during use.

•Improving abdominal strength.

•Can help to improve hand-eye coordination, flexibility and balance.

•Ideal tool for cross-fit workouts, core strengthening as well as sport specific such as MMA, boxing and wrestling.

•Provides weight resistance through a full range of unrestricted natural motions - including throwing, swinging and rotation.

•Use in the convenience and privacy of your own home.

•Easy to clean in minutes.

•Please read safety instructions before using this product.

•Available in sizes varying from 3kg - 50kg