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TNP Accessories Weighted Vest

Weighted Vest can really help make your workouts extremely intense, the extra weight will help to shred fat away whilst toning up muscles in synchronize.

It's ideal for use whilst running or walking or training to really get the benefits, weights can be added or removed from their selected sleeves to reduce the weight until your fitness levels increase and you can add more weight until you reach the 10kg limit or the 15 or 20kg depending on which you Buy.

One size fits all

Ultra-soft padding

Will not absorb sweat

This can be used with any Exercise.

Size available 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 30kg

Weight Vest 5Kg  18 Bars each weight 0.275g
Weight Vest 10Kg  38 Bars each weight 0.255g
Weight Vest 15Kg  38 Bars each weight 0.385g
Weight Vest 20Kg  38 Bars each weight 0.520g
Weight Vest 25Kg  38 Bars each weight 0.650g
Weight Vest 30Kg  38 Bars each weight 0.780g