TnP Accessories Wrist Curler

TnP Accessories

Wrist Roller


ADVANCED FOREARM MUSCLE BUILDING EXERCISER - DESIGNED SO YOU CAN ISOLATE YOUR FOREARM - Due to our revolutionary design users can now completely focus on building muscles in their forearm and wrist.

EXTREME FOAM PADDING - WORRY NO MORE ABOUT DISCOMFORTS IN THE HAND - Due to our high-quality duo foam padding users now have an unbelievably comfortable experience with our wrist curl forearm roller.

HIGHLY EASY TO USE - EXTREMELY SIMPLE YET HEAVY DUTY DESIGN - Simply remove the weight holding stick and add the desired amount of weight plates to it and reattach the weight holding stick to the forearm exercisers clip and test the tightness of it.

EASY TO CARRY - LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN ALLOWING YOU TO CARRY THE STRENGTHENER EASILY - Due to our revolutionary design users can easily pack this item into a bag or suit case in which the strengthener doesn't take too much space nor does the forearm curler take too much weight.