TnP Accessories Wrist Wraps 17.5"

TnP Accessories

Wrist Wraps

Protect the wrists and maximize your weightlifting prowess for more efficient reps when you’re powerlifting, deadlifting or squatting. These wraps are designed to make you better in the gym.
The Tnp Accessories wrist wraps are of a unique high-grade cotton blend that not only lasts the vigours and rigours of an intense weight lifting session, but they also wick sweat away from the body for improved hygiene and comfort.
The thumb loop is a perfect addition to the wrist wrap. Simply feed the thumb through, wrap your wrist strap nice and comfortably and get to the bar or weights of your choice. Ample in width as to never dig into the skin and made to provide comfort during those intense weightlifting situations.