VIT HIT Detox 1x500ml


RTD's (Ready To Drink)


You are what you eat. And sometimes, when you catch yourself in the mirror, all you can see is an all-you-can-eat buffet of regret. With a face. Not a good look. That’s okay though. VITHIT is here to take out the trash, like a wrestler throwing toxins over the top rope. It’s time to enjoy a delicious low-calorie blend of mandarin juice, water, vitamins and green tea.

DETOX is third quenching blend of both Mandarin & Orange juice is a thirst quenching 10% juice blended with spring water and vitamins. DETOX contains 300mgs of green tea, this is the same amount as 3 full cups, which is an effective antioxidant, and when combined with vitamin C gives overall protection. Additionally, DETOX contains 21 mgs of caffeine per bottle from the natural teas we use. For comparison, there is 55 mgs of caffeine in an average cup of English tea.

Ingredients may vary depending on region. More information can be found on your bottle!