VIT HIT Immunitea 1x500ml


RTD's (Ready To Drink)


Since when did pink get so tough? This drink is like a monster truck with big pink wheels and pink furry dice in the window, crushing all in its pink path. IMMUNITEA is tougher than a diamond tipped Woodpecker’s pecker, it’s stronger than a Mongolian cage fighter who’s been eating asparagus for a week, it’s even more durable than that bunny with the drum who won’t stop drumming! Yep, if you wanna get a job done these days, you gotta put on your pink pants! To IMMUNITEA and beyond.

IMMUNITEA is a delicious juice blend of Dragonfruit and Yuzu combined with health boosting Ceylon tea. Additionally, IMMUNITEA contains 4 mgs of caffeine per bottle from the natural teas we use. For comparison, there is 55 mgs of caffeine in an average cup of English tea.

Ingredients may vary depending on region. More information can be found on your bottle!