VIT HIT Lean & Green 1x500ml


RTD's (Ready To Drink)


They say love is all you need. But having a butt you can bounce a coin off is also nice. So, when you’ve finished working your socks off at the gym, walk straight past that sugary sports drink and let VITHIT save your backside. Literally. It’s time to enjoy a delicious low-calorie drink of juice, water, L-Carnitine and mate tea.

LEAN & GREEN is a mouthwatering blend of Apple and Elderflower for a fresh, crisp taste combined with an antioxidant hit of Maté Tea. Additionally, LEAN & GREEN contains 14 mgs of caffeine per bottle from the natural teas we use. For comparison, there is 55 mgs of caffeine in an average cup of English tea.

Ingredients may vary depending on region. More information can be found on your bottle!