Weider Nutrition Premium Whey 500g Powder

Weider Nutrition

Whey Protein

Weider Premium Whey is a high quality microfiltrated protein containing 20% whey isolate. Whey protein is one of the most digestible and most valuable proteins from a biological point of view. Weider Premium Whey is a high-quality protein powder that not only tastes good but also covers your nutritional requirements. The production method plays a large part in this; the protein is microfiltrated, meaning it is not subject to high temperatures or pressures. Serving size: 30g Servings per container: 16 Weider Premium Whey features High levels of essential BCAAs and glutamine 20% whey protein isolate Microfiltered whey protein concentrate Free-form glutamine Aspartame-free Weider Premium Whey Nutritional information Calories: 249kcal Protein: 32g Carbohydrates: 15g Fat: 6,3g Vitamin B6: 0,7mg Calcium: 474mg Magnesium: 57mg L-glutamine: 2g Amino acid compositon per 100g protein Histidine: 1,6g Isoleucine: 6,0g Leucine: 9,9g Lysine: 9,0g Methionine: 2,1g Phenylalanine: 2,8g Threonine: 6,2g Tryptophan: 1,3g Valine: 5,5g Arginine: 2,0g Cysteine: 2,1g Tyrosine: 2,4g Alanine: 4,6g Asparagine: 10,3g Glutamic acid: 14,9g Glycine: 1,3g Proline: 5,1g Glutamine: 8,6g Serine: 4,3g