Weider Nutrition Soy 80Plus Protein 800g Powder

Weider Nutrition

Soy Protein

Weider Soy 80+ Protein is a premium quality soy protein isolate with over 90% protein as dry mass, so the protein content in comparison to a concentrate is higher and contains less fat and fewer carbohydrates. Weider Soy 80+ Protein contains more than 83 grams of soy protein in 100 grams of powder; this makes it particularly well suited to preventing the degeneration of muscle mass during a diet and optimising fat burning. Soy 80+ Protein is a high-quality source of protein and its high biological value is comparable with animal protein and provides an excellent source of protein for vegans too! Serving size: 1 Scoop (30g) Servings per container: 26 Weider Soy 80+ Protein features Very high level of protein Lactose-free Gluten-free Aspartame-free Contains 8 vitamins and calcium Nutritional information per serving Carbohydrates: 14.4 g Protein: 35.2 g Fat: 5.4 g Directions of use Serving size: 30 g Stir one serving per day into soy milk or low-fat (1.5%) milk (not for the lactose-intolerant)